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Return Policy
If you receive an item that has been damaged in transit, you may return it for a replacement, exchange, or refund. If you do receive a damaged item, please contact SportShopDirect via email within 10 days of receipt for an exchange number. Please have your invoice ready for reference. You must have an exchange number to return items. If a product is returned without an exchange number, you may be charged additional fees to ship it back to you. All items must be returned in the original packaging.

Some products (pennants, banners, flags, etc) may not be available in the exact design shown. We do the very best to keep our site updated with all current info, but sometimes the designs change without any warning. If you receive your item and you wish to exchange it or have your order refunded, you may request a refund at the sole decision of If a refund is given, it will be with the exception of any shipping charges incured.

If for any other reason you wish to return your purchase, or cancel your order, you must contact within 21 days (three weeks) of the actual order date. Any and all refunds / returns for any products or orders will be at the sole discretion of, no exceptions. If a refund/return is granted, you will receive an exchange number and exchange instructions on where to send your purchased products back. Orders cannot be refunded after the 21 day mark, no exceptions. is not responsible for meeting any deadline for delivery times. If you would like a refund because you did not receive an item on/before a particular timeframe, it will be a the sole discretion of SportShopDirect and minus any/all shipping & handling charges incured. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
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