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SportShopDirect Affiliate Program

Want to make money off your website?

If you would like to earn some serious money off of your website, then this is just the program for you! People all over the nation are avid sports fans for their favorite team and SportShopDirectTM is the place they can find all their sport collectible needs. We pride ourselves in providing excellent products, low prices and outstanding customer service. So you can be sure that the customers we share will have the bext experience possible when shopping on SportShopDirect.comTM!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Making money could never be easier. There are just three easy steps to start:
  • Fill out an application.
  • Allow 1 - 3 business days for verification.
  • Choose an advertising method and begin making money!

Commission & Pay-Outs

We offer a base commission for everyone at 10% per order. You can choose to be paid through a credit card or a mailed check. Our pay-outs are on the last day of the month and gathering all the data for that day and prior. If you choose a credit card as payment, you can see your payment deposited within the next day. We have a wide variety of ways you can advertise on your site. Once approved, one of our trained marketing specialists will help you optimize your ads on your site to maximize your profit.

Does it cost anything to start?

Nope, it's all free! There is no cost in becoming an affiliate with SportShopDirectTM. You can start earning money in no time at all! Just fill out an application to get you started and you are half way there. Once approved, we will send you everything you need to begin your campaign and to start making money!

More Information

Please contact for any questions or additional information you may need.

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